Success! Here is what happens next:


If we need any further information, we’ll reach out to you. If everything looks good, we’ll get the process started.


Amazon will send one of their field agents out to take some photos and pull some measurements at your location to find the best possible spot for the Locker.

Installation Guide:

After the survey, Amazon will create an installation guide for your Locker. It’s a PDF that shows where the Locker will go and lists any site prep required to get your business ready for the Locker – although Amazon will typically handle most of this.


If you’d like to see any changes to your Locker’s placement, just let us know! We’re happy to accommodate. If all looks good, you’ll simply approve the Install Guide and then accept the program’s Terms and Conditions. From there, your Locker will be scheduled for install about 4 weeks following your approval. Amazon will do all the heavy lifting and will stay in touch throughout the process.