How to Pay Your Bills in Cash if You don’t Have a Bank Account

By June 12, 2020 Bill Payment
How to Pay Your Bills in Cash if You don’t Have a Bank Account by PayHereNetwork

Having a checking account simplifies the process of paying bills. Most banks offer online banking solutions that make it easy to set up payments for credit card bills, phone bills, utilities, car payments, and more. Alternatively, you can use a checking account to pay your bills with a debit card or by sending a check. If you don’t have a checking account and want to pay your bills with cash, there are fewer options available to you, but the PayHereNetwork has you covered. We make it easy to pay your bills with cash.

The PayHereNetwork: Easy, Fast, and Convenient

The PayHereNetwork offers a simple, easy, and fast way to pay almost any bill in person with cash. Thanks to our retail network of convenient locations (including gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, check cashers, mail stores, and many other businesses), we offer thousands of brick-and-mortar payment locations nationwide. We also offer more than 30,000 billers, from local utility companies to nationwide cable, internet, and mobile service providers. Find the nearest PayHereNetwork location where you live or work and rely on us as your go-to bill payment solution.

Paying your bills in cash is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Find the PayHereNetwork location nearest you
  2. Visit the location with your cash and the bill you want to pay
  3. Present the cash and bill to the clerk, and they will process your payment. You’re done!

The Benefits of Paying Bills in Cash

Having a reliable payment network such as PayHereNetwork is essential if you don’t have a checking account or credit card. Here are a few key benefits of the services we offer:

  • Fast – Paying at the last minute? No worries. Many of our biller connections are same-day or realtime, meaning your payment gets delivered to the biller quickly. You can find a list of available billers and delivery times here. And all our mobile top-up providers are realtime, meaning your minutes or data are loaded almost instantaneously. You can browse a list of our mobile top-up providers here to ensure your carrier is available.
  • Easy – Paying bills in cash doesn’t have to be hard. From years of conversations with consumers, utility companies, and the businesses that we work with to provide bill payment services, we’ve concluded that most bill pay systems are slow, hard to use, unreliable, and driven by outdated technology. Our network is simple but robust, ensuring the quick payments and reliable routing you need to be confident that your cash payment is going to the right place.
  • Efficient – Instead of mailing cash or a money order, or having to present them in person, you can make a direct payment and save time and money. Skip the extra expenses in both fees and postage, and enjoy the one-stop, one-step process that is simpler and less expensive.
  • Convenient –The PayHereNetwork allows you to pay multiple bills, all in one place. Our biller catalog includes gas, electric, cable, phone, water, rent, auto, insurance, credit cards, department store cards, and many more. 

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