Offer Cash Bill Pay through the PayHereNetwork

The PayHereNetwork is a leading provider of walk-in bill pay. Our straightforward solutions enable retailers to increase their customer base, profits and marketability. If you want to be the go-to place for cash bill payments in your area, we can help you get there.

Why Partner with the PayHereNetwork?

Our services make cash bill pay secure, convenient and reliable for your customers. For you as the provider, the benefits include:

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Stellar Customer Service
  • 30,000 Billers
  • Easy-to-Use Software

Our services allow your customers to pay their bills using cash. We’ve partnered with the nation’s largest utility providers to make our solution easy to use, convenient, secure, and beneficial for you and your customers.

By joining the PayHereNetwork, you can put more money in your pocket by enhancing your financial services offering.

What’s in it for Your Customers

Many of your customers want to pay their bills with cash, and thanks to our cash bill payment services, you can be the location that provides your community with that convenience.

Cash bill pay allows the unbanked and underbanked of your community to pay their bills with peace of mind. Best of all, you earn a commission every time a transaction is completed.

The Service You Deserve

As a leading walk-in bill payment provider, we remain by your side long after you get started. We hear pretty horrible things about the customer service (or lack thereof) of our competitors. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing the kind of service we would want if we were the customer.

Benefits of Joining the PayHereNetwork
  • Better Customer Service Experience
    • A Customer Service Team that Answers the Phone
    • Local Call Center (Within the U.S.)
  • Fast Set Up, Receive equipment and get setup in 3-5 business days
  • Low startup cost and fees – Competitive consumer pricing
  • Use our equipment or your own
  • Over 30,000 Billers Nationwide including credit cards and banks
  • Over 140 Mobile Top-Up Providers Worldwide including Boost, Boss, Cricket, Digicel, Movistar, Orange, T.Mobile, and more!
  • Innovative and easy-to use bill pay software for effortless clerk training and faster transactions

If you have any questions or want to start offering better bill pay, contact us for more information.

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